14 October 2017

The technical work for displaying contiguous images in a hexagonal map has been completed and is working correctly.  However, in the interim I found a serious issue with the scrolling of the map in general.  Until this issue is resolved, which means re-writing a section of the scrolling capabilities using a RenderTarget buffer, my next article on the latest implementations will be delayed as I want to provide interested readers with a  working solution in which all of the code sections are working properly.

10 October 2017

As of this week I have completed the technical work on the internals that support the display of hexagonal tiles with contiguous images\regions.  As expected, this work took longer than hoped due to the complexities of the internal lists that support the display.

Nonetheless, the next article will be begun that describes this aspect of the simulation’s design, which will hopefully make such development more accessible for those interested in the designs of military simulations…

11 September 2017

For those who may be awaiting my next piece on the development of strategic hexagonal maps (Part V), please bare with me.  I am currently completing a first set of connected hexagonal tiles that show rivers, river coast lines, and mountain regions.  This has taken a quite of time and it will take additional time to develop the internals that will handle the placement of these tiles in the correct positions on the map-board.  Hopefully, I will begin writing the new article sometime next month…

3 September 2017

A new article has been published at TECH NOTES entitled, “Poor Man’s Hierarchy Data Tree Solution in SQL” at the following link… Read article here…

The article provides a simplistic solution for working with hierarchical data with SQL and relational databases.  By far not the most advanced or efficient solution available but for those who do not want to go through the pain of learning or relearning this rather complex SQL implementation, it will provide an easy to use technique to work with such data.

Any and all comments to the article will be very much appreciated…

25 August 2017

Black Falcon Software is proud to release its version 2.2.1 of SQL Server Source Control for Developers as Freeware.  This application is designed for developers who need or want to version control their SQL Server database scripts and do not have access to database source control capabilities where they work.  SQL Server Source Control for Developers provides the same basic features as found with the more expensive Red Gate and ApexSQL tools.

SQL Server Source Control for Developers is now compatible with SQL Server 2016, which will make it backwards compatible as well with previous versions of SQL Server.

This release of the software will require a 64bit operating system and .NET Framework version 4.6 (or greater).  If needing to install the 4.6 Framework and you already have Visual Studio installed, ensure that you install 4.6 through the upgrade or service pack process for Visual Studio specifically or you may experience severe issues with the IDE.

Go to the Software page to download this package at the corresponding link…

6 June 2017

Black Falcon Software is proud to release its data access layer for the Firebird database, FB Helper 4.5.

This new data access layer is the latest edition to the data access layers that Black Falcon has produced over the years.  However, this particular software is targeted to game developers who often find it difficult to find standardized RDBMS database engines for their desktop game applications.  Currently there are now only two freely available desktop databases that are still in active development, SQLite and Firebird, with the latter having the advantage of using the same client for both its desktop embedded database engine as well its high performance server.

This new package has everything a game developer would require to get up and running with this database engine; completed documentation for the Firebird database, the ADO.NET provider, the binaries and source for the embedded and server engines, as well as this new data access layer, which comes with complete documentation.

Go to the Software page to download this package at the corresponding link…

The SQLite database has been a standard in the industry for many years and is a mainstay for many desktop applications across many different operating systems.  Though not as robust as the Firebird database platform since it does not have a server implementation, SQLite nonetheless is a perfect choice for developers who only intend to concentrate on desktop or mobile application development.

Unlike Firebird which has an extensive implementation inclusive of stored procedures, SQLite is an excellent choice for those developers who want an easy to learn RDBMS database implementation as well as easy to use.

Black Falcon Software provides a complete data access layer for the SQLite database in its SQLite Helper 4.5 package that contains both the database binaries and the data access layer itself.  Full documentation is also included.

Go to the Software page to download this package at the corresponding link…