04 November 2021

Personal Document Management System

A new personal document management product is in the final stages of its testing.  The base application is completely free to install and distribute based on the generous End User License Agreement.

The base application allows anyone to store an unlimited number of doc, docx, rtf, pdf, and txt files against any number of user defined categories.  This then allows for the centralization of all of one’s documents that can then be easily retrieved and read within the system’s own document viewers, downloaded for editing or printing.

Additional extensions to the application will be available at minimal cost which will allow for the storage of other file types, as well as application utilities that will extend the application further.  Currently a Security Extension has already been finalized, which will allow a user to password protect the application as well as decompress\decrypt-compress\encrypt the database at the starting and closing of the application.

If you have any questions regarding this new product, please contact Black Falcon Software using this site’s Contact form on the master menu.

See our freely available Data Access Layers for the Firebird, SQLite, MySQL, and SQL Server database engines at the Software page on the master menu.  All packages include complete source code for user modification as well as complete Help Files.