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7 October 2023

The third release of the AGKWorkbench is now available…

Now that the application has been working under load (real life processing), a number of issues have come up with most of them being minor but annoying.

These have now all been corrected, which includes two stored-procedures that needed modification.

As with the previous release, with the first running of the new code, a database update will be performed to bring any existing database that is too be kept intact up to the level that the new implementations require.  Once completed, the application in all subsequent executions will no longer perform the database update process.

If anyone has been having any difficulties with this application and requires some assistance, please post your questions here or send me an email at blackfalconsoftware@outlook.com

This software is offered as a freely available Open Source package under the generous MIT license.

To download this package, please go to the “Free Software” menu option at the top of this site and select the option for the AGKWorkbench.

Firebird Database Engine – Data Access Layers


Newly upgraded Firebird database Data Access Layers (DALs) have been released for downloading.  These upgrades will allow developers to easily work with Firebird versions 3.0.10 and 4.0.1 using the latest Firebird ADO.NET provider available.  A DAL is available for both the 4.8 version of the standard .NET Framework as well as the 5.0 version of .NET Core.  For those who still want to work with the Firebird 2.5 database engine, FBHelper 4.5 is still available.



CDOCS is a free Personal Document Management System

Security Extension licensing is also available for purchase from within the application for a very modest price.  This extension allows a user to password protect the application as well as provide the database file with two levels of encryption for increased security.


CDOCS allows anyone to store an unlimited number of doc, docx, rtf, pdf, and txt files against any number of user defined categories.  This then allows for the centralization of all of one’s documents that can then be easily retrieved and read within the system’s own document viewers, downloaded for editing or printing.

As this is an original release, please report any issues as soon as possible to Black Falcon Software by using the Contact page here or send me an email at blackfalconsoftware@outlook.com ….