16 February 2023

Development on the AGK Workbench continues as a major refinement of the database has been recently completed.  In addition, the development of the hierarchical officer structure is now in the works, which when completed, will leave only the Unit Editor remaining to be finished before the first release of this project.

The AGK Workbench will be a freely available utility that will allow developers to easily create embedded, database data for their own projects with a complete backend that is part of this project.  Using the popular Firebird Database Engine, data tables will be defined with interfaces to update them as required.  The data will be stored in a loose, hierarchical format that will currently allow for Scenario, Opponent, Opponent Group (multiple opponents under a single group), Equipment (weapons, supply, etc), Officer, Unit, Terrain, and possible Weather data to be entered with an easy to use interface.

Complete access information will be provided with the system for interested developers who will want to use the database in its existing form or extend\modify it for their own requirements.  Full source code will be available upon request.  SQL development knowledge will be necessary to work with the database system.

As mentioned in the beginning of these notes, practically all of the first-release modules have already been completed and successfully tested.  However, additional modules which are planned will include a visual OOB interface (a proof of concept has not been developed yet), hexagon map internals generator, and AI routines as they are developed.  Currently, distance and path-finding algorithms have already been completed and will eventually be part of this system.

A release date for a first version of this software has not been planned yet as there is a bit of work left to do.  However, if anyone has any questions regarding this project, please send them using the sites Contact form…

27 July 2022


Newly upgraded Firebird database Data Access Layers (DALs) have been released for downloading.  These upgrades will allow developers to easily work with Firebird versions 3.0.10 and 4.0.1 using the latest Firebird ADO.NET provider available.  A DAL is available for both the 4.8 version of the standard .NET Framework as well as the 5.0 version of .NET Core.  For those who still want to work with the Firebird 2.5 database engine, FBHelper 4.5 is still available.

2 May 2022


CDOCS – Free Personal Document Management System – RELEASED!!!

CDOCS, a new personal, document, management system has finally been released for download.

CDOCS can be downloaded from the Free Software option on the master menu.

Security Extension licensing is also available for purchase from within the application for a very modest price.  This extension allows a user to password protect the application as well as provide the database file with two levels of encryption for increased security.


CDOCS allows anyone to store an unlimited number of doc, docx, rtf, pdf, and txt files against any number of user defined categories.  This then allows for the centralization of all of one’s documents that can then be easily retrieved and read within the system’s own document viewers, downloaded for editing or printing.

Additional extensions to the application will become available at minimal cost which will allow for the storage of other file types, as well as application utilities that will extend the application further.

As this is an initial release, please report any issues as soon as possible to Black Falcon Software by using the Contact page.