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Firebird – Data Access Layers

The Firebird Database Engine is probably one of the most versatile databases available from the Open Source Community. Having a very small footprint while having the power to process enterprise-level data, this database engine is the perfect selection for developers who want either a desktop database (embedded), a server-based-one, or both that can tackle any data issue that may be thrown at it.

Black Falcon Software now offers 2 new upgrades for its Firebird Data Access Layer components, FBHelper 4.8 and FBHelper 5.0.

FBHelper 4.5 is still available for those who want to continue working with the Firebird version 2.5 database engine.

FBHelper 4.8 has been compiled to the 4.8 .NET Framework and tested against the Firebird 3.0.10 database engine, while FB Helper 5.0 has been compiled against .NET Core 5.0 and tested against the Firebird 4.0.1 database engine.

Because the latest Firebird ADO.NET Provider (9.0.1) is the same for both FBHelper 4.8 and 5.0, a developer should have no issues using either FBHelper against either the 3.0.10 or 4.0.1 Firebird database engines.

It should also be noted that the 9.0.1 Firebird ADO.NET Provider (which is included with both packages) is now a 64bit compilation. As a result, it cannot be compiled with 32bit applications.

You may download the package that suits your requirements from the download links below…

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