The third release of the AGKWorkbench system is now available…

The download link is at the bottom of the page…

This release of the AGKWorkbench has corrected those issues that arose while implementing actual data that is to support the development of an actual military simulation.

This release improves upon the database sub-system that will allow military simulation developers to easily define their Orders of Battle (OOB) for their simulations while also being able to store the data in a database engine of high integrity. In this regard, the Firebird Database Engine, a popular Open Source RDBMS that can be used as an embedded component to an application as well as a full server-side implementation. Based off of the advanced Interbase Database of the 1990s, both Interbase and Firebird have seen significant advances since that time.

For those that have been following the various postings regarding this work on The Game Creators forums, and the GameDev.Net forums, then you are already aware that the first release was a fairly raw one. This new release corrects many of the issues that users may have encountered or did encounter, making the entire package a more refined product. It is hoped that comments, criticisms, and suggestions for this latest edition will be forth-coming, as they should.

The AGKWorkbench is a system that is expected to provide a number of tools, beyond the current database sub-system, to assist game developers with creating military simulations. This genre is still one of the most difficult aspects of game programming. This is not just because of the difficulty with such development but more so as a result of the lack of a developed ecosystem for developing such simulations. Currently, the majority of such endeavors are still done on an individual basis developed specifically for the type of simulations being created. And this will probably remain such a feature of this type of development for quite sometime.

The goal of this project then is to provide military simulation developers the capacity to acquire some of the basics for their own development. The currently, planned modules for this project are the following…

  • A database sub-system that allows developers to create and store Orders of Battle (OOB) on a simulation-wide basis, with each simulatuion eventually having its own database
  • A visualization of the defined OOBs
  • Basic AI routines
  • Map-board visualization testing for the various AI routines
  • Map-board creation assistance

These are lofty goals, but some of the work has already been completed, which can be used to develop OOBs for just about any military simulation desired.

If you require assistance with any aspect of this system or the necessary SQL coding that you may require for your own development efforts, please contact this site through its Contact form or directly with the following email address…