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CDOCS – Personal Document Management System

Black Falcon Software has released a brand new software product called CDOCS.

CDOCS is completely free to download and use with no limitations or time restrictions.

Now anyone who wants to manage their documents from a centralized storage location can now do so. With this new system, users may store all of their important documents in one place instead of having multiple directories where documents may be currently stored.

Not only can users store their documents with this system but they can view them in two different formats (partial screen and full screen), save them to another storage location as well as print them.

Currently this new system can store doc, docx, rtf (rich text format), and txt (text) files under user-defined master categories with each such category allowing for 4 nested, sub-categories. All such user-defined categories may store as many documents against them as the user requires.

This then allows the user to set up whatever document categories they require for their storage requirements.

The only limitation this new system imposes is that one cannot upload a document that is 4gigs or larger in size.

The system has a minimalist interface allowing a user to learn how to use it relatively quickly with the Help File that accompanies the installation.

Enhancements and extensions to the system are currently being developed to provide more features and allow users to add additional file types into their storage requirements. A new extension being developed will allow users to store and view Excel files.

One extension is already available for purchase from within the application itself for only $5.95 USD. This is the Security Extension, which allows users to set up passwords to their systems while also allowing for single-phase and double-phase encryption of the database file itself. This latter capability will prevent attempts at viewing the database data directly by non-authorized viewers when the system is not being used by the system’s owner.

To get CDOCS, simply go to Black Falcon Software, select the “Free Software” option and select CDOCS.

Support is always free through the direct email listed in the Help File support page or via the Contact form at the Black Falcon Software website.

All criticisms, comments, and suggestions are always welcome…

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