Black Falcon Software


Professional development services can be provided for a fixed hourly rate of $45.00 USD or a negotiated flat-rate for a single project. A flat-rate fee will include one set of changes to the initial requirements of the project. Additional changes after this will change the project billing to the fixed hourly rate.

It is recommended then that clients have a complete understanding of what they want their projects to accomplish. This should be done in well documented form so that both parties have a clear understanding of what is to be accomplished. This basic understanding is vital for successful project completion and will ensure that all costs are kept reasonable.

All initial project consultations are offered without any charges.

All solution development is implemented with Microsoft Visual Studio and can be applied against the following technologies based upon the client's preferences.

  • C# or VB.NET
  • ASP.NET (Web - WebForms)
  • WPF (Desktop)
  • SQL Server or MySQL (server)
  • SQL Server CE or SQLite (desktop)

Standard ASP.NET, also known as WebForms, is the methodology used for creating web-based applications. It is still the most efficient way for developing such applications despite the popularization of the MVC paradigm. This is especially true for database intensive applications.

All solutions will be fully documented in order that the client will be able to support all provided work completely on their own.

Project billing will be done once a week with an included list of all work accomplished.

If you would like to contract with Black Falcon Software, please send an inquiry through this site's Contact page with a complete description of what is being requested.

A professional resume is available on request.