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image Managed Encryption Services (for Developers)

Release Version 1.0.1 / 10/19/2015

$17.00 ( License for 5 machines )

Managed Encryption Services for Developers is a tool that allows individual developers to create any number of encryption parameter-sets for as many applications and\or clients as required. Application storage allows for the maintenance of all parameter sets in completeley encrypted format so that accidental exposure of the data will not allow observers to understand the actual encryption security for a specific application and\or client. This capability also allows the user of this software to re-encrypt all data using new encryption keys as often as is desired or needed.

Each stored parameter-set can then be used as the basis for the generation of unique encryption modules in either VB.NET or C#. Generated modules can then be easily applied to their corresponding applications by including them in them in the application projects to provide encryption security for data that must be obfusctaed from casual and determined eavesdroppers.

This product uses a standard Managed Rijndael algorithm provided by Obviex Software that can be used with Rijndael flexibility in providing unique parameter-set encryption of data or set to standardized AES encryption processing, which is a sub-set of the Rijndael algorithm.

This product currently requires .NET Framework 4.5 or greater to be installed.
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