Black Falcon Software



Visual Studio Community Edition A complete IDE that has all the features developers require to build professional applications.


Babelfor.NET An excellent and affordable obfuscator for .NET applications. Does better than higher priced tools.


MySQL Database The most popular database that is always freely available with the Community Edition

PostgreSQL Database The most powerful freely distributed database available

SQLite Database The universal embedded database for desktop and mobile applications

SQL Server Express Database The standard in ease-of-use commercial database systems that is freely available

SQL Server Compact Edition 4.0 SP1 Though no longer supported by Microsoft, developers are still using this venerable, freely available embedded database

Database Conversion Tools Affordable, database conversion tools for a variety of popular databases

Database.NET Freely available database management tool for multiple databases (licensing available at low rates)

DbVis Software Affordable, database management tool for multiple databases

Devart Software Affordable, database tools and access components, which include an entire suite of ADO.NET Providers

Technical Sites

Code Project One of the top technical sites for .NET code snippets, utilities, and tutorials.

Visual Studio Magazine Microsoft's technical journal for .NET developers.