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SQL Server Source Control for Developers

Version 2.1.1 (Rel. 12/2/2016)
SQL Server Source Control for Developers When you need an easy-to-use tool to save your Microsoft SQL Server database development work look no further than Black Falcon Software's SQL Server Source Control for Developers. This database version control software is very affordable for the individual, professional's budget and requires absolutely no attachment to current database management tools. The product is completely self-contained allowing you to save versioned, database scripts in localized repositories. This version control software is a great addition to any developer's toolbox where database version control is not available. So never lose your work again due to a sudden database refresh or someone else changing your scripts. Learn more at the Product page...

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SQL Server Source Control for Developers - Version 2.1.2

Notice Update - 1/10/2016
SQL Server Source Control for Developers Version 2.1.2 is already on the drawing boards, though it will be a small update. With the release of SQL Server 2016, "SQL Server Source Control for Developers" is going to be upgraded to be able to process database object-scripts from this new release. What appears to be a small update will actually have a bit of work to be accomplished behind the scenes. This will include updating the application with access to an upgraded SQL Management Objects API, testing against the latest SQL Server database engine, and packinging the application with all the necessary modifications.

Data Access Tools (Open Source)

Notice Update - 1/10/2016
Firebird Helper 4.5

Data Access Software Firebird Helper 4.5 is being currently developed to allow .NET developers more easily access the Firebird database engine. The Firebird database is not as well known as the two most popular open-source databases, MySQL and PostgreSQL. This is mostly because it is not promoted to the extent that these databases are and also as a result of its greater use in Europe. The Firebird database engine was designed against the advanced Interbase engine during the 1990s, which was eventually bought by Borland International and somewhat popularized by their distribution of it. Interbase, and now Firebird, are the actual direct challengers to the powerful and easy-to-use SQL Server database from Microsoft. With the same ease-of-use functionality that made SQL Server so popular, Firebird has nearly all of the same capabilities including a desktop version, which mirrors its server version thus providing developers with all of the same capabilities, such as stored-procedures and triggers. Like PostgreSQL, Firebird has a European flavor to it, so mastering its differences may be slightly confusing at first but will be easily accomplished in a short period of time with some tinkering. Though Firebird and the associated tools are offered freely as open-source packages (along with the necessary binaries for the selected release), a number of the third-party tools are not. This is especially true for the popular IB products.

The new Firebird data access package should be available at the end of tyhe first quarter of 2017 and will come with a variety of documentation to help you try out this highly efficient, easy-to-use database engine.

For now you can still get Black Falcon Software's freely available data acces layers on the Open Source page. All of these packages include complete source code for VB.NET & C# solutions\components (C# solution not available in 4.5 versions) along with complete documentation for easy learning. These packages are great for developers who are new to ADO.NET as well as experienced professionals.